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Searching for quick and simple answers to a situation you are challenged by today? I am proud to introduce this NEW (2021) Forum where individuals can join together, in support of each other. The few forums I have created are just starters. Feel free to create any forum you like, related to any subject you like as it relates to healing from within and conjoining mind, body, and spirit for meaningful and joyful living. This community forum has been created exclusively to support each other. Please be respectful of real-life and real-world experiences of others. This is an opportunity to touch in on your best self, for best results. Join this community to meet like-minded others with a readiness to provide solutions, opinions, suggestions, etc. to your particular situation. Sometimes seeking solutions from those close to us, doesn't provide us with the answers we trust in, believe in, or want to hear. Learn from others, what they have learned or what they might suggest. Positive feedback is encouraged. Please no hate or slander in this forum or you will be removed from the forum. This forum was designed exclusively to connect like-minded individuals who long for a space to share their input with others. Reach out your hand to help or support another. Engage productively with each other, to encourage life and encouragement with a stranger.

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Embrace(D) for Life is a service based in faith, compassion, and authenticity to improve the lives of our communities.

Spiritual Coaching & Direction

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Love thy Neighbor

What is your intention? Do you do your good deeds as an authentic way of serving others, based strictly on your goodness, or are there certain brownie points you are searching for? Such as pride, praise, recognition?
590 590 Today 09:12:38 by MIURoslyn9

How do you "be" self-care?

Share some ways through which you nurture yourself without having to pencil an activity into your daily routine or schedule. How do you nurture your soul? What impact, if any, does it have on your mental or physical health?
598 598 2021-05-28 03:28:03 by Shawnee108

Prayer Requests

Sometimes full-blown services are not needed. Sometimes, we just need a boost of confidence or some words of encouragement. If something weighs heavy on your heart or mind today, you can post here to request a response and a prayer. Welcome! I will submit a response to your post within 24 hours. For every request posted to this forum, I light a candle upon my alter with a solemn prayer over your situation. You are never alone in your struggles. Someone, somewhere has whispered a prayer for you, on your behalf. Although the immediate weight, pressure, worry, or concern may feel or appear overwhelming, I ask you to hold on for a few moments more, through an act of faith and belief that nothing lasts forever. My prayer for you, always, is to have the strength to endure and the wisdom to foresee. Be well. Be Blessed.
590 590 Today 03:04:42 by MIURoslyn9

The many faces of God/dess

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Spiritual Dis/Connections - what are they?

What are the ways through which you recognize a dis/connect? How do you know if a higher power is present or active in your life? What proof do you have?
645 645 Yesterday 17:37:45 by MIURoslyn9

How do you know?

How do you know what God/dess looks like? Can you describe your vision of the Divine? What is your relationship with this Divine and how is it a reciprocal relationship? What works? What doesn't?
680 681 Yesterday 08:55:25 by Leondaw

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

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What is whole-person care?

Is whole-person care something which can only be received from another? How do we care for ourselves? What are the stories running in your head about yourself? How do they serve? Or how do they not? Why do you beat yourself up?
573 573 Today 10:10:19 by MIURoslyn9

Who really cares about me or my situation?

Where/how do you begin to trust others with your story? Or, your feelings or deepest emotions? How can you best determine the right spiritual care provider for you?
636 636 2021-06-03 11:38:02 by TaylaPippi

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